Music of italians in Argentina



In the year 2012 at a French music festival, the Italian guitarist Giorgio Albiani met the Argentine guitarist Omar Cyrulnik. This was the moment in which DuotanGO was created, and from that very first meeting, a shared view of the research of sound and the general way of living the creative experience was immediately evident.

That is why DuotanGO isn’t merely a guitar duo, but also a way of excersising the profession of musician and artist. The first musical project of the duo, connected to tango and Argentine folk music, was included in the program of the 2013 edition of the theatrical season at the “Oratorio del Gonfalone” in Rome and scheduled for the 14th of March 2013. On the 13th of March Cardinal Bergoglio ascended the papal throne and DuotanGO’s concert becomes the first “Concert in honour of Pope Francis”, while “Verdemar, la musica degli Italiani in Argentina ” (music of Italians in Argentina), CD dedicated to the great Italian migration and to tango, is presented on Argentine television.

"Verdemar"’s main idea, is to relive the great cultural heritage of migration in the world and the enrichment and evolution produced by the acceptance and assimilation of cultural differences.

Beat Records published the CD.

On the 13th of March of the following year, on the first anniversary of the new Pope’s ascent to the papal throne, once again at the “Oratorio del Gonfalone”, the new project “DuotanGO y sus amigos” was performed, with Argentine music composed by authors of Italian origin. In this concert, the recently released CD “Verdemar, la musica degli italiani in Argentina”, produced by the Roman record label Beat Records, was presented and given directly to the new Pope. At the beginning of 2015 DuotanGO started their second South-American tour, with concerts in the cities of Buenos Aires, Sierra de la Ventana, Monte Hermoso and Tornquist.

In little more than a year DuotanGO performed at: the Auditorium of the Académie Rainier III in the Principality of Monaco, the Auditorium of the Conservatorio Superior “Victoria Eugenia” in Granada (ES), the Contemporary Arts Centre in Perpignan (FR), the Teatro Magnolfi in Prato (IT), the Sala la Fenicie in Florence, the Real Academia de España in Rome (a concert recorded and broadcasted by Vatican Radio), the Auditorium Magnasco Gualeguaychú in Entre Rios (AR), the Teatro Español in Trenquelauquen (AR), the Argentine Library of Rosario (AR), the Italian Institute of Culture in Buenos Aires, the Municipal Library of Gral Villegas, the Municipal Theatre of Olavarría, the Auditorium Rivadavia in La Plata.


DuotanGO’s first project

Buenos Aires, capital of the end of the world, a place towards which Italian and European migrants went at the beginning of the XX century, full of hope and nostalgia, looking for a better future.

That future is now the present, the present of a land that has grown with the spirit of these people, with their ancient sentiment of hope and nostalgia that is incarnated in today’s Argentine music.

The music of this concert was composed by Italian immigrants, or children of Italian immigrants, in Argentina. We invite you to close your eyes and through the sound go on a journey across Argentina, as our predecessors once did, meet with them, retracing the path to the end of the world to exeperience the spirit of this fascinating land together.

In 2014 DuotanGO recorded the CD “VERDEMAR, la musica degli Italiani in Argentina”, published by the Roman record label Beat Records.

The CD, presented in many international concert seasons, in the spring of 2014 was given directly to Pope Francis, who acknowledged the presentation of the CD, in the prestigious “Oratorio del Gonfalone” in Rome, with a letter of thanks addressed to the musicians.

Just as our eyes can never will never be able to see themselves unless reflected in the eyes of another, we too come to know ourselves through another.

For this reason we celebrate the encounter, because it is through it that we know ourselves and it is only by knowing ourselves that we can evolve.

This is DuotanGO, an encounter.

It began a year ago in France, an Argentine and an Italian, both with their own professional and artistic background.

After the unforgettable concert in Rome “Omaggio a Papa Francesco” in March 2013, our music takes form in this CD.

If this work, our work, can manage to be a mirror in which the listeners recognise themselves, our main goal will have been more than accomplished.


Magoado D. Reis

Verano Porteno Astor Piazzolla

Milonga de un entrevero Carlos Moscardini

Por el Sur Remo Pignoni

Pala Dorita R. Pignoni

Pa'l Nato chacarera R. Pignoni

Verdemar Carlo Di Sarli

Adios Nonino Astor Piazzolla


Giorgio Albiani

Giorgio Albiani has been self-taught since the age of five. When his passion eventually takes over, he follows the courses of Maestro V. Saldarelli and Maestro F. Baldissera, at the “Liceo Musicale pareggiato” in Modena, graduating with the highest of marks. He completes his studies with Maestro Leo Brower and Maestro Alvaro Company at the “Accademia Chigiana” in Siena. In 1990 Maestro Alberto Ponce, after having listened to him play, invites him to attend his courses in Paris where he is premier prix at the “Concour d'Exécution” and in 1991 at the “Concour de Concertisme” of the “Ecole Nomale Alfred Cortot” a l’unanimitè et avec mension. In 1994 he is selected for a professorship in Italian Conservatories.

Interested in various sides of musical production, he obtains a degree in “Music and new technologies” with the highest of marks at Florence Conservatory .

He follows many musical productions and works as a composer and arranger for Garzanti, Materiali Sonori, Rai, BBC, Mediaset and Warner, winning critics awards such as the Swedish “Lira Gillar”, the French “Bravò” and the Italian “Fbis”, while also getting a nomination for the “Peer Raben Music Award” of the “SoundTrack_Cologne 8.0”. At the same time he performs in theatres such as the Theatre Des Halles, the Centre Pompidou, the Salle Cortot, in Paris, the Morgan Library in New York, the Oratorio del Gonfalone in Rome, the Sala Nervi in the Vatican and works with various musical ensembles such as the Ensemble de Guitares de Paris and the quartet “Opera Nova” with which he records the CD “Images”.

He is currently part of the guitar quartet “Take 4”. Giorgio Albiani has been collaborating for years with the vocal trio “i Viulàn”, winners of an EMI Silver Disc and of the second prize at the prestigious Unesco Competition “Sharq Taronalari” in Samarcanda (Uzbekistan). With Maestro Omar Cyrulnik, Argentine guitarist, he co-founds “DuotanGO” in 2012.

He created and directed the artistic section of “Rondine Cittadella della Pace” in Arezzo, where art and music have been used as the main methods to create dialogue and overcome conflicts between young people coming from countries at war with each other. With Maestro Cyrulnik he co-founded “D.I.M.A. International Music Academy in Arezzo”, of which he is artistic director, that carries out a prestigious teaching activity and has developed an extensive network of International connections, in which students, teachers and Institutions operate. He is professor of Guitar at the Conservatorio “Bruno Maderna” in Cesena.

Omar Cyrulnik

Omar Cyrulnik graduated in Guitar at the Music and Art Department of the Instituto Nacional de Arte (IUNA) and in Orchestral Conducting and Composition at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, he completed his studies with Stefano Aruta (Italy).

He is professor of Guitar at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte “IUNA” and of guitar and chamber music at the Music Conservatory “Manuel de Falla” in Buenos Aires.

He was Artistic Director of the Centro de Experimentacion del Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and currently is Councillor of the General Direction of Artistic Education in the Buenos Aires government.

He has been on tournées all around the world as a soloist and in concerts with an orchestra (Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Finland, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc).

He has held masterclasses and seminars at: the Mozarteum in Innsbruck, the “Claudio Monteverdi” Conservatory in Bolzano, the Rubim Music and Dance Academy (Gerusalemme), the University of Victoria and New South Wales, Sydney and Melbourne, respectively, summer School of the Guitar Australia Sydney Classic Society, University of Melbourne, Music School in Perth, Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, Classical Guitar Society in Adelaide, University of Wellington, University of Canberra, Summer Guitar Courses in Krzyzowa (Polonia), Conservatory of Cairo, National Arts Academy of Malaysia, Jakarta Kensenian Institute, Dinamo Arts Center in Zurigo, etc.

He has been a member of the jury of the Concorso Internazionale Michele Pittaluga in Alessandria (Italy), the International Competition in Vina del Mar (Chile), the International Urshalmi Arianne Competition in Jerusalem (Israel), the International Competition in Krzyzowa (Poland) and the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina).

Omar Cyrulnik represents the Association Fare la Musica (Alessandria) in Latin America, i salso President of the cultural association Limina (Argentina- Italy) and guest member of CAMU Unesco. With Maestro Giorgio Albiani he co-founded “D.I.M.A. International Music Academy in Arezzo”, of which he is director, that carries out a prestigious teaching activity and has developed an extensive network of International connections, in which students, teachers and Institutions operate.

Concert proposals


Music of italians in Argentina

Astor Piazzolla - Verano Porteño (tango)

Carlos Di Sarli - Verdemar (tango)

Remo Pignoni - Pa la Dorita (gato), Por el sur (huella), Pa l’nato (chacarera)

Anibal Troilo e Homero Manzi - Sur (tango)

Eduardo Timpanaro - Rio manso (cancion litoralefia)

Marcela Pavia – two elaborations on folk themes “Una palomita” (vidala), “Pollerita colorada” ( carnavalito)

Eduardo Timpanaro - A Miguel (huayno), Fagoteando (aire de chacarera)

Sebastian Piana e Catulo Castillo - Caseren de tejas (vals)

Carlos Moscardini - Milonga del entrevero (milonga)

Astor Piazzolla - Oblivion, Adios nonino

“Tropico de Capricorno”

(A journey inside south-american music

Music from Brasile, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Cile, Paraguay

Ernesto Lecuona - Danza Negra

Marco Pereira - Bate coxa

Anonimo - Melodía Triste

Eduardo Timpanaro - Marea

Dilermando Reis - Ve si te agrada

Dilermando Reis - Magoado

Ariel Asselborn - Kaluyito de Otoño

Vincente Sojo - Que no te quiera mas

Ernesto Nazareth - Odeón

Project “Babel”

DuotanGO and Quartetto Fonè

A concert for string quartet and guitars with music of folk heritage and connected to cultured music.

An original sextet for a mix of classical, jazz, tango and ethnic music.

DuotanGO – Giorgio Albiani and Omar Cyrulnik, guitars

Quartetto Fonè – Paolo Chiavacci, Marco Facchini, violins, Chiara Foletto, viola da gamba, Filippo Burchietti, cello.

DuotanGO + Projecto 4.0

DuotanGO + Eduardo Timpanaro – Guitarra, José Larregle – Percussions

E. Timpanaro – Sikuriando (huayno)

E. Timpanaro – Desvelo de una fria noche de Verano (warrundombe)

Leguizamosn y Castilla – La arenosa (zamba)

E. Mendez – Vals (vals)

E. Timpanaro – Ritmando

E. Timpanaro – Chayita del Tapalche (chaya)

L. Borda – Chamarrita del sauce (chamarrita)

E. Palmieri – Bomba del corazón (bomba)

V. Heredia – Dulce madera cantora

Autores varios – Selección de chacareras (chacareras)

E. Timpanaro – Resurrección